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Crascent is a user experience research and design firm, adopting user-centered design (UCD) approach to help our clients in enhancing their digital presence, service design flow for physical environment, and reshaping their organisation culture to produce beautiful products their customers love.

We use human behavioural studies, psychology and multiple analytical tools to define what our users might like and provide them with what they want. We realized that in today’s world, you cannot define the behaviour of users. It's up to us to have to learn the user preferences and adapt ourselves. We try to merge functionality with pleasurable user experience, and build marketing processes around it, rather than the other way around.

We seem to be working with lots of start-ups lately. These are companies built by a few individuals who are passionate about what they do and have poured their hearts into building their companies. We work with them in order to offer their products and services the best chance it has to make it to the next level by humanising their offerings and making them more palatable to their users.

Our core strength is user experience and user interface design. We consider it our responsibility to understand the business goals of all our customers, and help them achieve maximum results when designing products that are going to support their customers with a best user experience. To do this we take into consideration the target market, the platforms of delivery and the technological constraints and only then design the application that produces the best results.

Research / Discovery

We take the time to learn your business and ask the right set of questions to understand your ideas and thoughts, users and your competition and the problems or opportunities that you are seeking to address. We then conduct heuristic analysis and competitive research and analysis, apply the principles of user-centered design and assess all UI/UX relevant factors impacting the project in order to define the correct business goals, user needs and challenges to be addressed.

Discovery provides actionable concepts, including user goals and product requirements, and establishes the framework for design and technology decisions. Before moving into the Design and Development phases of our process, we map out the project’s goals, specifications, technology and architecture requirements, deliverables, milestones, priorities and schedule to align expectations, mitigate risks and ensure that we deliver the right result.


We’ve been focused on the user experience design for the last 3 years, and it remains core to our business today. All of our UX consultants and UI designers are experienced in user interface, interaction and visual design, and understanding the technologies that power the user experiences they are designing. Crascent UX design process has been refined to provide our customers with a flexible, streamlined process to designing software Applications and products – we tackle each project using a custom tailored approach and clear communication with all stakeholders to take an idea from a concept to a final, development-ready design.

Our user experience design work scales to meet the needs of each clients' project and budget, ranging from video chats and Sharpie sketches to annotated specifications, interactive prototypes, and full-fidelity comps.

With experience and training that blend the best of design, content strategy, and usability, we ask the right questions of your team and your end users. In the end, we plan experiences that delight users and achieve the outcome your organization seeks - all the while making your life a lot easier.

UX Design

Strategists understand our clients businesses inside and out, working with design teams to ensure the products we build position our clients for the future. Our strategists discover insights across industries and categories that drive our clients to success. Hailing from design school, academia, consulting and beyond, our strategists draw from myriad sources and backgrounds to create incredible value for our clients.

UI Development

Program Managers are responsible for driving our creative process forward, working closely with our clients to ensure we deliver on-brief, on-budget, and on-schedule. Our PMs are the core of our teams, working with clients to understand their needs, design programs that can address those needs, and ensure that our teams can deliver. PMs are key to our promise that we can make what we imagine.

Brand & Marketing

Business Development builds the relationships that allow us to pursue and deliver great products and services. Much more than a salesforce, Crascent is the stewards of the frog story, describing our work from San Francisco to Singapore and detailing the contributions of every studio and discipline. They work to form and build the relationships that are behind every great product we ship.

Consulting & Training

At Crascent, we are able to consistently deliver the strategy and design we are known for. We don't just leave you in the dust. We provide consulting and training for all our products after deliver. Every team at Crascent is dedicated to helping you create delightful solutions for your users and stellar business results for our clients. We're constantly getting better at the business of design, and our corporate team is the reason why.

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